eAadhaarUIDAI – INDIA’s Exclusive Resource of Aadhaar Card in Hindi

Want to know more about Aadhaar Card related information and solve issues which you generally face? If yes, then you’ve landed on the best page of the internet. Welcome!

Hey My Countrymen,

Welcome to eAadhaarUIDAI – INDIA’s Exclusive Resource of Aadhaar Card.

eAadhaarUIDAI is an Aadhaar Card resource and community where in Hindi you find right answers to all your queries.

eAadhaarUIDAI is started with the aim to bridge the information gap between the general public and users of Aadhaar Card across India.

We planned to start an Aadhaar Card based blog because we realized how important it is to keep ourselves updated with news about Aadhaar Card.


25th June 2017 – eAadhaarUIDAI Launches

eAadhaarUIDAI is a work in progress & I welcome you to become a part of this growing community.

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